The OL&B interchanges with both the BNSF and Union Pacific railroads and has single car and shuttle capabilities. Also, it has 11,286 feet of dedicated storage track, and if the need arises there are additional areas available for expansion.

The railway offers a centralized location that allows approximately 1/3 of the continental US to be within only 12 hours of driving. Not only is it centralized, but it also offers easy access to I-80, US 6, US 77, and US 30.

Along these tracks there is also a great dedication to safety. It boasts over 35 years without an FRA reportable accident and has been a Jake Award recipient since 1995. Overnight there are security patrols to ensure safety long after the day is done. In addition, all the forklift and loader operators must be certified in order to allow for a higher grade of safety among the workers.

Other services of the OL&B include railcar cleaning, railcar maintenance, railcar storage, and railcar scrapping.

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